1930 Mint Condition
High Priest's Personal
R.A.M. Masonic Elgin Pocket Watch.

This 90 year old watch is in perfect condition.
 Looks and runs like new.  

Orville T. Byler Past High Priest of the
Elmhurst Chapter of the R.A.M.
I am not a mason, but from what I could find the
 Hight Priest was the top spot in the R.A.M.

Very personal and rare historical watch.

The case is 14kt. white gold filled and is perfect.
  It has about 1/2 ct.. of diamonds set on each corner of the case.
About 15 points in each  diamond.
(I have not weighted the diamonds and is the best guess I have.)
Pictures can not convey the beauty of this watch!

The watch is a 17 jewel Elgin
that has just been serviced
and keeps excellent time.
 This is a 12 size movement, however with the shape of the case
it looks like a 16 size watch.